Size Guide

- Do you need help finding the right size?

We developed this guide to help you find your size. Measure your body and check the table to find out which size to shop for. When measuring you should wear underwear only and it may be easier to do this in front of a mirror. Otherwise, get someone to help you. All measurements are in centimetres, based on an estimated body height of 180-185 centimetres. If you are taller than 190 centimetres you should always wear at least a size L to ensure that the style is long enough.

Shirts: If your measurements are at the lower end of a size range, you may benefit from choosing a slim fit.

  1. Chest
    Measure horizontally around the broadest part of your chest. Let your arms hang loose along the sides of your body when measuring.
  2. Waist
    Measure horizontally around the slimmest part of your waist.
  3. Hip
    Measure horizontally around the broadest part of your hips.
  4. Inseam
    Measure the inner length of your legs from your crotch to the floor.
  5. Arm length
    Measure from the centre back of your neck, over your shoulder to your wrist.
Tees, sweatshirts, knits, shirts and outerwear – S-XL
89 94 99 104 112 120
72 77 82 87 96 105
Arm length
81 83 85 87 89 91